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leaking windshield

Leaking windshield is, in most cases, caused by faulty seals around the glass, perhaps created by mildew or other deterioration of the rubber or the glue that holds it in place. Depending on the extent of the leakage, the driver may only notice the compromised seals during a rainstorm or while the car is being washed. A leaking windshield can cause water to accumulate on the dashboard, the headliner felt and even the carpet, which can allow mold to grow in the car. If the leak isn’t severe, you can fix it in your driveway.

There are four ways that water can leak into the interior of a vehicle:

  • Through a hole in the actual body of the car
  • A crack in the windshield
  • A faulty windshield seal
  • The air conditioning vents.

While faulty windshield seals are usually the cause of a leaking windshield, do a quick look around to ensure that there isn’t any obvious damage to the body itself or the windshield and also that water is not leaking into the interior of the car from the dashboard, since a faulty heater core can wet the carpet in the passenger compartment.

Once you rule out all other sources, check the windshield seal for leaks. This can be done in a variety of ways, but the most common techniques use soap and a garden hose. Pour soapy water over the outside of the windshield around the trim while an assistant aims an air nozzle toward the edges of the windshield on the inside of the car. Look for bubbles around the edge of the windshield. The air causes bubbles to form in the soapy water at the leak.

With all this said, now that you have determined it is a leaking windshield, you need to have it fixed soon to avoid any damages to the interior of your car or truck.

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